Manticorn are the only unique organisms in neotoy, each is one-of-a-kind; there are nine in all, and each is an extreme specialist with a specific function and skill set. In terms of genetic makeup and appearance, each manticorn is a hybrid of two or more conventional organisms and a third "X" factor that allows them to transcend the classical boundaries of space-time and perform exceptional feats.

In generalized terms manticorn could be considered the core's generals or apostles. Unlike frame, which are analogous to foot soldiers, manticorn possess individuality, identities and self-sovereignty. In power they are ranked second only to the core itself. This tremendous power is derived from the nine existential spheres that both lend the manticorn their power and are guarded by the manticorn; providing the last and most extreme level of deterrence between those who wish to steal the spheres and activate the chromachron.

Out of all the manticorn the most renowned is ironically the most unremarkable looking. He bears the dubious distinction of being able to blend in seamlessly with the general populous due to the fact that externally he looks exactly like a denizen. Internally however he is an entirely different animal. Following is a list of all nine manticorns and the spheres that they guard/contain.

manticorn casanova - ruby sphere (red)
manticorn elektron - amber sphere (orange)
manticorn affinity - topaz sphere (yellow)
manticorn treefinger (the ponderer) - emerald sphere (green)
manticorn insight (the observer) - sapphire sphere (blue)
manticorn nightingale - amethyst sphere (purple)
manticorn aurora - pearl sphere (white)
manticorn eclipse - jet sphere (black)
manticorn delta (the changer) - diamond sphere (clear)