Ku is taught by frame and sometimes by an infinite, usually this is done in a one on one kind of manner similar to our martial arts, the master knows a lot and the student knows little if anything and that is how it works. a "frame" is in the most basic terms a robot, frame are the general worker units, they help the core build and maintain the city and they do lots of other things as well. They look like stick men, all their body parts are in exactly the same proportion, they have no head and their hands and feet are identical and interchangeable.

Each segment of a frame is connected to every other by the means of a very special kind of ball joint, unlike most ball joints a frame's joints are not connected to anything, each piece of the frame is flexible polytoy tube and looks like chrome and never tarnishes, the ends turn into dull points that channel intense magnetic fields through floating quantum apertures that exist on the surface of the ball joints which look exactly like perfect round and shiny ball bearings about the size of a plumb.

The main body and limbs are about an inch thick, maybe a little over. the fingers are half that size, exactly, as are the ball joints that connect the fingers similarly 1/2 proportion to the larger spheres that join the body segments. sound familiar? a frame is made from of a total of 74 segments. the central sphere is where everything takes place, there the graviton draws all the pieces together under the wireless control of the sub-entity that acts as a relay between the core and the unit.

Frame act independently from the core when they are not being controlled directly by it. control takes place on a matter-wave fate frequency, that is a frame's total destiny is calculated before creation allowing for exact indirect control for the duration of its lifespan. when not in use frames fold into a compact box position or leap thousands of feet to the tops of [[Kiloplex]] where they repose until they are needed.