There are nine existential energy spheres in neotoy, one for each of the nine manticorn, six represent the six distinct colors of the visible spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. The remaining three represent non-chromatic values, white, black and clear. The final sphere is essentially a kind of crystal ball capable of transforming the combined energy of the other spheres into an event. This "event" is an unknown and that is how it will stay until the actual occurrence. I have not yet drafted any ideas pertaining to this issue.

The key spheres are not just colored balls as it may seem, they are containers for massive, and I mean massive amounts of spectral energy. Each contains more than enough power to unmake neotoy in proportion to its attributed color. Likewise its creative ability is equally powerful.

Regarding the coincidental similarities between the spheres and similar themes in other creative works. Is there an anime/manga influence in neotoy? The answer is yes. Anime and manga is generally amazing, I am constantly inspired by Japanese culture and artwork. However I would like to make one point absolutely clear: neotoy first began to develop before I became fully aware of anime and manga.

The basic thing that is really going on here would be that in our day just about anything you can think up is either cliché or undiscovered. Originality is very hard to come by, much more so the postmodern classic genre. Neotoy is by no means unique, it is a variation upon a timeless theme with many influences.