The chromachron is a mysterious artifact that permeates the solar system. While it is comprised of many different parts, there are nine points of concentration that are clearly the most significant; namely the nine sockets for the nine spheres, each of which is housed within the impregnable fastness of a meridian fortress. Seven of which reside on neotoy, with the last two on the sun and moon. Each socket is color coded for a specific sphere, when the correct sphere is placed in its complimentary socket in the correct chromatic sequence an aspect of the chromachron becomes active. This activation always has dramatic consequences, however it is not always immediately evident what they are.

Something to note, once a sphere has been placed in a socket it becomes inaccessible and cannot be retrieved; with the sole exception of the ninth and final 'crystal sphere'. Clearly the placement of all nine spheres has some kind of special significance, but what that is has yet to be revealed. Although those who study such things have theorized that the name of the device gives a hint as to its ultimate functionality.