All denizens are capable of existential influence, their biology has been altered in such a way that they possess a greater density than their ancestors, also they have been modified in such a way that they are potentially much more powerful than conventional humans, they are able to focus internal energy and interact with external energy in ways that normal humans could only dream about. Also their culture reinforces the mentality that allows them to train and 'cultivate' these abilities.

Being of a superior nature, naturally neotopian society is more advanced and serious than our own, I should say complex in comparison, primarily because power is directly proportional to responsibility if there is to be survival. Such as it is the social structure exists because it is based on an enlightened infrastructure of logical ethics. Common good philosophy that is maintained by even the most vicious and degenerate denizens; because it is all they have to anchor them to reality, they are like abandoned children clinging to the only thing that gives them any sense of value. In their minds, their fundamental psychological model, to be without these ethics is to not exist, it is to be totally excommunicated from life. Of course the deviant denizens do exist but they are outcasts known as dyku.