Tuesday, April 20, 12:28 AM
Sometimes I wonder if the cmap will eventually become the index. It's getting a lotta all up and meta in here, what with the inclusion of a whole new tree. Tree, yeah, that's what I'm calling the little box things that contain buttons, which are actually links. But speaking of trees, this new one is all about "reality", yeah, that's right, I'm putting all of reality inside the neotoy continuum, LOL! In semantic terms that means that the real world and consequently real life have just become an aspect of neotoy. Ridiculous!

It gets especially awkward when I have to include things like this site in the connectivity map which is part of this site. Yo dawg, we put a cmap in your cmap so you can map while you map. It's like a black hole of awesome.. wait.. does that mean it's sucking up all the awesome in the universe? Or is it made of awesome, in which case.. oh never mind. I intend to move as many references to my real life as fall into the realm of good taste to this new tree. It really does make sense since neotoy is not just a continuum, but a persona as well. Or at least part of my persona.

At any rate, I've tweaked the cmap a little and added a couple of new entries. Or at least one new one. The other is from 2004! Holy shit that was six freaking years ago!

That's all for now, the next time I update this page will probably be when I roll out the new "timeline" format. Until then, cyo ~ neotoy@hotmail.com