Original document created on June 7, 2004.

General theory of connectivity: everything_is_connected; space, time and energy are contiguous and analogous.. however it is impossible to explain using normal terms simply because constant connectivity is a layer of reality that we humans are unable to observe directly. What we see are relationships, many of which we do not understand, we also see what appear to be discrete autonomous entities. Let me give two examples on two different scales; a busy intersection- our senses tell us that there are many different elements interacting at this location: cars, pedestrians, elementals, electric lights controlled by sensors, individual conscious beings responding to visual and audio signals; and for our purposes what we see is what we assume to be reality. In a sense it is, and in a sense it is not.

Beyond our native layer of material perception there is a deeper transparent layer of constant connectivity wherein the independent elements described above become a single state of space, time, energy and their relationships. Now the word "relationship" implies differential values between discrete scene elements, suggesting a contradiction; let me explain, essentially space, time and energy disappear altogether leaving only their relationships, a word I am attempting to appropriate and expand upon; a state of reality where individual elements do not exist but their relationships do. This is possible because nothing exists to separate them.

My second example involves the formation of crystals; contemporary chemistry assumes that crystallization is the result of individually charged particles aligning and connecting in various geometric formations determined by their common molecular architecture. They do this why? Because it allows them to conduct energy, however this does not explain where the original energy that caused them to transform came from. The answer is very simple; it came from the environment. This transparent exchange was possible because of constant connectivity. Relationships determine our reality, relationships that are made possible by constant connectivity. The theory of general connectivity states that everything is connected. every virtual point in time and space is connected to every other point, additionally these connections are called relationships.