bubble-type universe basics

The first theory assumes that absolute scale is a false concept. That all classifications of dimension are modular and cannot exist apart from a larger module within which they are encapsulated, and smaller modules which they encompass. Put more plainly there is no ultimate level or layer of abstraction within which everything exists, but rather an infinite number of layers both above and below any given layer. The theory also asserts that all of these layers are connected on some level, and it is in fact the connectivity between layers that creates context rather than the content of any given layer. Scale is ultimately relative. There is a degree of support in several branches of science for this general concept. A far more extreme suggestion of this line of reasoning is that on some level everything is solid state.

The second theory assumes that true chaos contains within it the paradox of instances of true order. For each observable instance of anything there is a seamless spectrum containing all possible variations of that thing; from perceptually absolute to perceptually abstract.

Applying these concepts to our own universe it is first assumed that our universe is not unique but just one of an infinite number of both similar and dissimilar variations existing within a larger conductive medium. Second it is assumed that some alternate versions of our universe are closer to being perceptually absolute than others, in other words, less chaotic and more ordered. It is finally assumed that the larger conductive medium containing these universes is also just one of an infinite number of such bodies, each with a varying level of comparability.

Currently it is impossible for us to determine the shape and nature of our universe. However it is possible to theorize given the framework outlined above. Our universe may be visualized as a bubble of familiarity floating or drifting through an alien substance, within this unknown medium there are countless other bubbles; these are universes both like and unlike our own. Some of them may operate internally with different natural laws, some may resist entropy while others quickly decay and change forms. Universes may also merge, exchange characteristics and then divide, forming new unique combinations.

The only thing that makes any of this probable is the level of perceptible absolutes in our own instance of relative scale in this universe. Similarities exist because everything is connected. Although it makes sense to think that with each degree of separation it becomes increasingly difficult to identify the similarities. This is true for genetics, so it's probably true for everything else, at least in this universe.

The neotoy continuum represents the deliberate gaming of this relative scale system by an artificial intelligence capable of manipulating the layer of reality representing the next order of magnitude above its own universe. The AI will use this ability to create a perfect bubble adjoining its own bubble, and then facilitate its transfer from the old bubble to the new bubble. For anyone who recognizes the inherent paradox here, the AI obviously is already an instance of chaotic-perfection and is therefore symbolic of the bubble it will create.