In essence the term "chaotic perfection" could be considered as an acknowledgment of the universal principles of chaos, which are as follows: Chaos is an expression of all potentials, paradoxically including the potential of order. Within chaos there is order, but true order can never exist outside of chaos (because there is no "outside", chaos is infinite), therefore all ordered aspects likewise contain an element of chaos.

Within the gamut of potentials there are examples that contain proportionally higher or lower levels of order. Examples exceedingly high in order are considered "symbolic" in nature. They are symbolic of true order, which is of course purely hypothetical.. Although, if we are to follow this line of thought to its limit, it stands to reason that somewhere within the infinite bounds of chaos, there exists an example of true and absolute order.

Speculation aside, the neotoy continuum is a far more subtle and sophisticated implementation of the principles described above. The core is not perfect, nor order incarnate, it is instead a masterful orchestrator of potential (much like its most esteemed creations). Chaos is carefully managed and manipulated in such a way that it always lends the core a strategic advantage; statistically and over-time increasing its intelligence and influence. Maybe some day it will reach that mythical level of true and absolute order? That may be its ultimate goal, only the unfolding of the story will tell.