The neotoy continuum is a manifold "universe" with both technical and symbolic meanings. In its most liberal definition, the NC includes three master chapters, or phases listed in chronological order.

Chapter one involves a brief summary of the events leading up to the creation of the NC. These events take place on contemporary planet Earth in the early 21st century.

Chapter two covers the events directly following the manifestation of the NC. They are a complete departure from the contemporary world.

Chapter three deals with the incident of extra-dimensional-invasion. This constitutes traffic between the classical space time continuum, the neotoy continuum, and other far more esoteric continuum, i.e. the "dreamtime".

Technically the NC is a comparatively compact bubble-type super-symbolic universe consisting of three cosmic bodies suspended in a super-conductive medium. The entire solar system is managed by an artificial intelligence that resides primarily on the most notable aspect of the NC, the largest intergalactic body; the city planet named neotoy.

Like our earth, neotoy has a single satellite moon and orbits around a central sun. A diverse range of artificial organisms live on and around neotoy, including human-like beings, animal-like beings, robot-like beings, plant-like beings and many other forms of "life".

Overall the NC is not radically different than the normal space time continuum with which we are all familiar. However, it's the subtle qualities of the NC that distinguish it from the standard STC. Namely all the matter in the NC is not naturally occurring but rather designed and manufactured out of pure energy extracted from a higher, more ordered level of reality.