In the story you will see the word "metto" used pretty frequently, that is because it is synonymous with the location of a scene. The city-planet Neotoy is a geodesic sphere.. think soccer ball, only about a trillion times more complex. The entire crust of the planet is made up of identical equilateral interlocking hexagonal regions, these are called mettos and each has a unique name. The word metto could be a distant derivative of the ancient earth word meadow. Spatially the size of a Neotoy metto is exactly 1000 x 1000 units, or 1,000,000 square units. To give you an idea of the relative size of a Neotoy unit, it is approximately 59 feet. So a Neotoy metto is approximately 125 square miles. One billion mettos make up the entire surface area of the planet's crust. 125 billion square miles, this is almost 10 times the surface area of earth.

It is typical for all significant structures located inside a metto to have the name of the metto placed before their own title as a surname, i.e. Mandarin School, Mandarin House, Mandarin Baths, etc. The borders of every metto are always free from structures and fluctuations in elevation, they are also visible as a tangible groove in the polytoy surface of the planet. Often these clear areas between mettos will be used in a way similar to sidewalks, they are usually quite wide, at least three units. Because of the geodesic nature of the sphere mettos form, all of these intersecting lanes are connected, they form the critical high-speed foot traffic network known as the walk.