Jade is the given name of the first extra-dimensional partition discovered by Infinity. He crossed over into this alien universe during deep existential meditation. Incidentally it was this exploration of dimensional limits that later led to the development of some of his most effective combat techniques. More specifically, those utilizing extra-dimensional merging.

The Jade world is so named primarily because of the unusual and strikingly homogeneous qualities of the domain. The familiar physical boundaries of the neotoy continuum are all but absent. The three states of matter are far more ambiguous in Jade, with solid, liquid, and gaseous converging into a single indistinct medium that is none and all of these at the same time.

The most notable characteristic being that the visible spectrum is dominated by green non-photonic energy. This light-like energy experiences unpredictable phase changes that could be compared to atmospheric humidity; however the phenomenon alters the density of all matter in Jade. The result being that other various forms of energy are affected as the luminous media thins or thickens.

For example, when thick, physical movement becomes difficult or impossible, sound becomes silence, while thoughts become transmissible and visual information intensifies to invasive levels. When thin, sound is magnified, physical resistance diminishes drastically making unassisted flight possible, thoughts become muddled, visual information is drastically simplified, hindering recognition.