Infinity is a curious character. as of today he has not been very consistent in his behavior, so in order to clear that up, I'm going to try and pin him down, even though what I put here may contradict the kind of person he appears to be.

Originally I intended Infinity to be a gray ku student- that was because I wanted him to be neutral so that he could kill without having to go against the ideology of his school. Infinity was my personal character, and one of the first created, through Infinity I would have a presence in neotoy that I could control and represent. Then of course I went through a personal transformation on this side of the page and took on a new alias- Delta. Delta then became a character in neotoy and I took on a split personality- Delta did not belong to a school, he was a denizen and a free-radical manticorn- manticorn Delta, his own exclusive dimension, and thus did not have any limitations or ideals with which to be encumbered. this left Infinity hanging out to dry and with little creative support- this resulted in an identity crisis where everything that was once certain and established was revised and put to the question. only one thing was clear to me; Delta and Infinity must be two totally different characters, and since Delta was now the more possessed of the two that meant that Infinity would have to change in order to set himself apart from Delta- who was without a doubt manticorn Delta, free radical, [[Space Puma]] chasing psycho.

One event stands out in the life and times of Infinity that makes all others seem of little importance, this is the separation from [[Mercy]], his true love and soul mate. naturally the event would have untold significance- untold until now that is. when Mercy left Infinity to go on her journey into the deep, it was necessary for Infinity to change himself in order to put distance between his soul and his need for Mercy. in order for him to survive the loss, he went through a total spiritual transformation. [[Aslo school]] had been his home, so had [[Gaiden metto]], so had all his friends and school mates. Of every memory and moment known and experienced with Mercy all these things were a part and associated with her. his only alternative was to leave everything he had ever known and go on his own journey into the deep away from his past to a place where he would never be reminded of her. so severe was this transition that his entire past was partitioned away in his mind and spirit, walled off so to speak where it became unaccessible. Infinity took a new school [[Opal black ku school]] and a new house in [[Blackbody metto]] where he started a new life with new friends. He let his raven black hair grow down to his ankles and he made a sacred vow in a shrine with a sacrifice of his own blood- to never to kill again, to never to take a [[Toku]] again, he would devote his life to his studies and become the greatest infinite in all of neotoy.

I guess this is not much of a biography, its more of a snapshot. I don't really know what to say about Infinity. he is very wise and reserved, quiet and collected, he very rarely speaks, but when he does he has a good reason and people usually listen. his skills are without equal, he is invincible, even manticorn Delta could not kill him. but essentially he is dead to the world, he lives in his own zone that does not allow any visitors. he was quite normal when he was a student of [[Aslo gray ku school]] where he became an infinite. Occasionally he takes a student, but he is a very unusual teacher and such relationships are very atypical. often he meditates for cycles at a time at various shrines in the surrounding mettos, sometimes he wanders over many mettos with no destination, perhaps he is trying to heal himself? more likely he is only waiting to die, but if so it will be a long wait as he is infinite and will live for an indefinite period. his presence is that of one alone beyond reach, this energy surrounds him and is felt by those closest to him, the projection is so strong that it makes most people afraid and uncomfortable.

they say in their minds- *he is fear, he has made a habitation of the darkness, where we fear to go, he lives.* and so they cannot relate, they do not understand, they believe that for one to live in darkness one must be darkness, but that is not so, Infinity is a brilliant light living in exclusion from his people, his heart is bare and exposed, it is the only way he will let himself live and because of this he must keep himself apart from the greater spirit of the new earth because the people there guard their hearts and strike out in fear at things they do not understand. he says in his mind- *you are fear, killers of the lights, you hide from them and cover your own, afraid of what you might see.* so Infinity may be in search of others like himself.