July 27: purged ads from all pages. The beauty of analytics: knowing when things are being useful and when they're just taking up space. Initially I added them because I thought it might generate a little more revenue, thereby further mitigating my hosting costs, but as it turns out 100% of my AdSense money is coming from my glorious YouTube channel.

Speaking of ads, specifically Google's ad empire.. I've seen it from all sides now, and I have to say, once again my mind is blown by the pure insanity of creative capitalism (or whatever the fuck you want to call it). Bravo Google, bravo.. bravo for making fools of us all. The oldest trick in the book really:

1. Take two natural enemies, trick them into fighting each other.
2. Sell weapons to both sides.
3. ???
4. Profit!

Yeah that's right, Google is nothing more than an information age arms dealer. And that's really the premise of capitalism, and everything that's wrong with the modern world; this fundamental idea that monetizing desperation and milking scarcity will lead to progress. It won't, it will lead to poverty, it is poverty.

Now I know I said that I was going to refrain from dabbling in politics this year.. but as it turns out, that is just plain impossible.

God, fuck. Have you been watching the news lately? If not, don't. Nothing good will come of it.

One of the grand ironies of the age: never, never in recorded history has raw information been so plentiful and accessible, nor have so many people been involved in consuming and regurgitating it. Inversely, never at any time in recent memory has this meant less than it does right now.

Afghanistan: a war we can't possibly fucking win. Why are we there? Because war is the most profitable business in the world.. until the economy collapses anyway. (see above).

Arizona: when is "illegal" not illegal? When your economy depends on slave labor! Yo dawg, I herd you like laws, so we put a law in yo law so you can enforce while u enforce. (see above).

BP: capitalism promotes sociopaths to the highest positions of power and influence, then does nothing when it is revealed that they are indeed the cancer of civilization. Tony Hayward gets a 1.6 million dollar "severance" (read transfer to Russia where it's business as usual), then a 1 million per year pension once he turns 60. What do we get, what does the gulf of Mexico get? Permanently fucked, that's what. (see above).

Obama: when is "change" not change? (see above).

Fuck this cancer planet.