Thursday, May 6, 11:34 PM
Where to begin? A few thoughts, on a few things. First, the new 'layout': it's ironic, but the introduction of a device meant to accelerate the permutation process, actually slows it down. Well, that's not quite right, what I mean is that it slows down each individual release. Content continues to be generated at exactly the same pace. The reason for this is that changing an entire page schema can be a challenging, time-consuming process. While generating 'content' is relatively simple. This provides some valuable insight on formatting philosophy, which incidentally meshes nicely with my current views; namely that the less formatting employed, the better off everything is.

Second, I had something of an epiphany today regarding holistic thinking. My previous estimate of 10 years of remaining viability for human civilization seems to be coming true. When I made this prediction in 2008 it was based on my own branch of holistic science (admittedly a very vague and speculative model), however the realization I made today was that I had made the ultimate Freudian slip: in my holistic calculation I had failed to take into account the true holistic nature of the nebulous cause and effect relationships I had predicted. Fundamentally based on the inference that only 1/10 of the connectivity that allows complex systems to function is visible; therefore any calculations made with conventional science can be casually adjusted by a factor of 10 to derive a holistic approximation.

My theories however did not account for how this invisible 90% might manifest itself. Therefore I consider it an oversight of all that is meta. Here I was assuming that things like the consummate devaluation of oil would happen in a logical yet unimagined way. I had no idea that abstract circumstances could generate an acute effect via unpredictable causes! This is of course the essence of holism. I must be stupid. We could see these coming, as random as they apparently are, if only we had access to that other 90% of interrelationships.

We now have approximately 8 years left (it will be ~2018) before the ecosystem is degraded to the point where human civilization cannot exist in its current form. At that time I estimate that most of humanity will die off in a relatively short period of time. How many of us will be left? I'm sure there is a holistic calculation for that, but I haven't made it yet. Although it seems kinda pointless since my chances of survival in a post-civilization world seem fairly low.

The oil leak in the gulf is just the beginning. The consequences will of course be far more significant than anyone has dared to predict, try by a factor of 10. It may in fact be this single event that kick-starts the really scary stuff. Two words: food chain. Weather patterns are next, the atypical winds and floods have already started, atypical droughts will become apparent this winter, then predictably mega-fires in the summer. Global politics will have nothing to offer these issues, furthermore everything plausible has been poisoned by the last two centuries of reliance on hyper-consumption. People will turn to holistic science only at the last moment, but the last moment was already too late..

Third, none of that matters. Neotoy is proceeding as planned. I'm in the process of reorganizing the cmap, it really needs a lot of work. I'm faced with two challenges: 1. Bad initial structure. I made things up as a went along, consequently there is a lot of organization that doesn't make any sense. 2. Bad content. I populated specific entires with old content that wasn't entirely relevant. Whipping that into shape will be a real chore. So in short I have to produce a vastly superior structure, and then I have to populate that structure correctly with relevant entries. This is somewhat like redoing the whole thing all over again. The only good news is that I've written a lot of entires recently that are adequate and relevant to certain key structural elements. Those will most likely form the foundation of the new cmap.

That's all for now..