Thursday, April 15, 12:10 AM
So.. that new tripod tool bar thing up there ↑ yeah, that ugly thing (actually it's not that bad looking), well, not only can I not turn it off, but it embeds standard 'a href' links into my page and basically fucks up my CSS; more specifically it gets all fucked up by my CSS. (not that you really should or would give a shit about any of this). The moral of the story is, I'm dropping the CSS3 buttons for now.. Thanks tripod! :/

HOW DO YOU LIKE MY 30PX FONT NOW!!! Seriously, wouldn't it be awesome if all websites used 30px font? Goodbye eyestrain! That is.. unless the font was MAGENTA!!!

Okay, the comedy routine is over for now. Don't panic, I'll be putting up something that won't burn out your retinas soon enough.