Xviann is a female deer. She was born of unusual parents under unusual circumstances. Her mother was a black deer of maven metto and a master of the maven school of black ku. Once the black deer began to diminish she tried to reason with the other deer, telling them that the only way for the umbrae cervidae to survive was for them to leave maven metto and meet with the other deer colonies outside the metto, but her proposal was rejected and so eventually she staged a revolt that lead to a bloody civil war within the colony, of the rebellion only she the leader managed to escape with her life, fleeing maven, never to return. After a time of wandering she meet other deer and was caught up in an eclipse, unfortunately she was killed shortly after her fawn was planted.

So Xviann effectively an orphan and deserted by her father, was adopted by a skilled and wise equine who was renowned for having devoted her life to the study and practice of natural science. In her mind were kept many secrets, consequently both animals and humans came from long distances to ask her questions and learn techniques. But she was getting on in years and though she was still quite capable, her heart longed for a true and dedicated student with which she might share here vast stores of practical knowledge and thus be able to rest in the understanding that her life's work would not been lost. She had once mused about recording everything in script, but there was a great danger in releasing all of these secrets upon the city, so she finally choose to impart her wisdom to another being who could keep the information both safe and accessible.

She came upon Xviann by accident and after reading the animal's secret signs decided that a suitable heir had been discovered. Indeed she marveled at the perfection of the fawn and knew that not only had she found her protégé, but she had also found her rival. Xviann would be a sage among beasts, distilled in her body and mind was a striking arrangement of powerful convergences, the placement of every hair was laden with significance.

Years and years passed, time in which Xviann was instructed in all the secret arts until she was as much a master as the mare herself. However the relationship between the horse and the deer was never formalized in any way, so at last when her master saw fit to retire, the doe went away in search of her own fortune. Eventually Xviann wound up meeting [[delta]], a young automaton who knew nothing about her history, over time the two became close, and had many exciting adventures together. In fact, their unique partnering created quite an epic.

Part of which is of particular note; the plight of the last remaining umbrae cervidae haunting maven metto. From these deer Xviann recovered most of her long lost roots and learned much of the maven school fighting techniques. As far as everything else goes, what is there to say? What drives Xviann? Nothing, she is constantly ahead of herself, she just lives and takes what comes, her personality is very complex, but mostly she is kind and powerful, timid and domineering, erotic and shy, overall quite mysterious. A goddess of sorts, and the last of a living legend with ties to both the past and the present of neotoy's dim history.