This is the first phase in the transition from post-industrial to para-industrial earth. Para is a prefix that in this context means beyond or past; it also has a connotative meaning of abnormal or defective. As global economic activity begins to wind down in response to a profound and chronic lack of holistic awareness, industry experiences a radical shift in consumption patterns. Out of desperation, many industries initiate controversial emergency measures designed to stimulate growth. Some of these mandates include highly illegal cost-cutting measures, in addition to experimental, fringe science ventures. The end result of this exceedingly short phase of reckless opportunism is the basis for the next (and last) chapter of chaotic upheaval in human civilization.

Many millenia have come and gone post the utilitarian unification of the peoples of planet earth. One world, one peace, one will- the preservation of the species. But to understand this age, it is necessary to return to the beginning of its beginning.

Event one: the establishment of the internet. Though the wonders of world-wide networking between information systems the foundation was formed.

Event two: The implementation of human gnome research in the creation of the first unique biological man-made intelligence, Moore's law is disproven.

Event three: The gradual replacement of pure electronic technology with new superior biological technology, appliances think, light bulbs are alive.

Event four: The activation of the first world-wide biological "computer" network, bandwidth/demand reaches equilibrium, distance shrinks, time expands.

Event five: The total erosion of cultural and economical barriers and boundaries, world awareness and biotech advances allow for product availability and standardization, all nations and peoples sell out for their piece of prosperity pie. No one is immune to consumer fever, everyone wins.

Event Six: The corporate economy control merger and appointment of world managers, governments lose power, the masses dictate through corporate representation. Individualism is reduced to a selection of available variables- all which are determined by the greater connected consciousness.

Event seven: The assignment of universal identity and equilateral representation. To each newborn child is attached a public name made of 13 random letters- this is their (UN) universal name. Along with this UN a 13 digit secret number is also assigned- this is their (SN) or secret number. With the total 26 characters the individual maintains their (UI) or universal identity. these however are mere formalities as the real online UI cannot be modified without an exact DNA scan and match- which is something very, hard to fake. Although not impossible. There are biological hackers in this BN (before neotoy) world. They are known as antibiotics and are hunted down and forcefully reconditioned into productive members of society.

About the fictional history of earth before and during the reformation. This period of our history takes place in a vague and timeless era representing the vague and timeless theme of the human advancement to an uncertain yet illusively bright beginning of what we imagine to be our brave new "future". What does this mean? it means that we have learned how to manufacture our destiny, we have exploited our environment and fulfilled all of our material desires. But in doing so we have engineered our own self destruction.

In this future the human spirit has no place. The same human spirit that is the source of all our hopes and dreams. For spiritual fulfillment we have substituted "things" that bring us the empty sort of physical fulfillment that thrives on greed and self-worship. This is the story of the human condition. Always we are running away from "god" we deny the possibility of a higher power so that we may take its place as we were made in its "image" and it is in the very essence of our being to realized all that we are, as a race and as individuals.

We are the beautiful antithesis. We oppose our creator in the eternal struggle between the two primary powers of equal potency which exist without room for any others to fit. Humanity is the host for "evil" and god is the host for "good" unlike god however humanity is born of the physical flesh which can be filled with either energy, often with both in dynamic proportions that have the ability to shift and change under the exclusive control of our "free" will, pending exceptions.

In this future human beings have replaced god with self, this is the rough story explaining how things got to this point of no return and of what happened because of it. An outcome that excludes "god" from the equation, a humanistic chapter that symbolizes the self-defeating nature of the struggle within.