Students can attend ku school all the way up to the eighth grade, at which point there is nothing left for them to learn from frame instructors. They face the decision to go on a pilgrimage to the infinite dais and face a frame in one on one combat, or to spend the rest of their lives at the 8th grade level.

What happens at the infinite dais is something very special, it is a kind of right of passage trial, there are only two outcomes- victory (graduation) or defeat (death) However once a student has stepped onto the infinite dais they are free to step off it at any time, at which point they must face an outcome worse than death- that of disappointing their school and family along with having to descend back down the 8000 steps under all the eyes of the thousands and thousands of denizens and students who come to watch the tournament. This is a very rare occurrence.

To stay on the dais and fight to the death is the preferred and honorable method. On the dais the ku student will face the greatest challenge of their life. Frame are absolute masters of Ku- they move at nearly the speed of light and are fabricated from polytoy in the second most stable molecular configuration. Which means that they are virtually indestructible. If a student is unworthy death is swift. If a student is skilled the fight may go on for days. The shortest recorded trial lasted four hours, and that was one fought by Infinity.

When a student destroys the frame in single combat a special mark is made on his mask, the eight which he brings is turned on its side so that it reads as an infinity symbol, marking him/her as an infinite, or one of the highest possible scholastic rank. In one respect the student has lost his or her identity, but at the same time a new identity is born.