Are there trains in neotoy? Do you really need tickets to ride them? There's no money in neotoy so what's the point of having a ticket? These are all good legitimate questions to which I have no answer. Yet.

I like trains, they are somewhat magical to me. I've been on several long train trips and I have good memories of times spent on the track. There is something very philosophical or at least metaphorical about trains, I think that is one of the reasons I decided that there had to be trains in neotoy, but there was a problem. Trains are very dangerous, the more I thought about trains the less it seemed they could belong in neotoy, that's when I had this crazy idea:

A special kind of multi dimensional quantum transducer that would convert each train and its passengers into proportionally higher frequency spectral energy existing in a transition state between reality and a parallel dimension. This energy would then magnetically tunnel to its destination and then re-phase fully into reality.

This would make it possible for trains to travel from place to place without accidentally running into people, they would also be able to travel at exceptionally high speeds. Also they would look really cool in transition; imagine ghost-like, barely visible trains flying from station to station at thousands of miles per hour. If you got hit by one of these trains it would just pass harmlessly right through you. They would not actually solidify until they were standing at a complete stop.

This idea is totally crazy, not to mention impossible, but neotoy is science-fantasy, so anything can happen. I am only wondering what would happen if a person was standing in the place where a train stopped and began to solidify; I imagine something really nasty would happen. Technically there are many "issues" with this idea, issues I can't rationalize.

Maybe I will just forget the trains, or work on a much better idea for them. Trains are just too cool to leave out of neotoy. I guess it wouldn't be so bad just to have regular trains that could kill people the old fashioned way. I mean seriously you have to be blind, deaf or just plain retarded to get hit by a train.