The space puma on average stands six foot ten inches from the tips of her rounded ears to the base of her feline feet. The body is human in appearance excepting the head, paws, and tail. Her sleek coat consists of fine pink hair covering every inch of her muscular form. Limbs terminate as roughly ovular paws with five short fingers - four parallel and one opposable each concealing a sharp retractable claw. The head and face resemble that of a terrestrial puma with subtle tonal variations over the eyes and under the chin. But for the rare exception of the albino space puma the eyes are always either emerald or forest green.

Though some space pumas elect to wear stylish clothing and accessorize most prefer to be nude, however it is quite typical to see ship-jumping pumas wearing glossy black platform heels and transparent utility underwear on which one or more weapon(s) may be holstered. The turbo-taser for instance is quite popular among pacifistic pumas who would rather stun than kill. Less sensitive cats pack anti-matter automatics and shoot to kill. The tail is the most peculiar feature of the space puma ensemble and when full grown can reach lengths of up to 39 inches.

Powerful and lithe the tail has been clocked at speeds exceeding 100 meters per second, and can easily swing, whip or constrict with deft alacrity. Unfortunately the tail acts independently of the puma under its own curious disposition and when the puma is agitated or alarmed may respond unpredictably. Some pumas pierce the tip of their tail adding a heavy metal ring or stud creating a formidable weapon. On the softer side space pumas are beautiful inquisitive and intelligent nature loving beasts who advocate peace and avoid conflict at all costs. Fond of wild sex and uninhibited adventure space pumas seldom say no and flirt incessantly. Because of their love for space and galactic range wandering space pumas can be found in the most remote corners of the known universe.