The "Silver Forest" Is a biometallic symbot (symbiotic robot) located in [[umbrae metto]], manifesting in the form of a dense network of prehensile branch-like appendages that cover a vast three dimensional area.

History and origin. There was a meeting and an eventual partnering of two beings, one of these was by nature genetically mutagenic (delta), the other was of the umbrae cervidae variety (name not yet specified). For many cycles these two were on a journey, the life of the automaton wore on without change, the life of the other grew short. The time was coming for them to part, as if it were symbolic of final embrace the eclipse came, and in the dark they were joined.

The bond they shared in life was deep and true, some of this spirit was transfused into their progeny, and was in part responsible for the form it manifested. Due to the unique mutagenic properties of the automaton, their offspring could not take shape as the normal product of such a genetic mixture.

The silver seed attached itself to the mother, it grew into her body and then it sprouted. The tentative shoots wove into a nest, encircling her, then growing over her as a bower, shading her tired head from the hot sun, she fell into a deep sleep. Her last thought was that her life was ending. In part she was right, her long natural life was indeed about to end, however, the silver seed had been endowed with a tremendous force of life.

The silver branches budded with small leaves, greedily they drank up the sun. Silver roses bloomed, sparkling in the light. She awoke as if from a dream, surrounded on all sides by a sea of writhing silver stalks, they shimmered and rippled like water before her wide eyes. Her old life was over, a new one was beginning, but there was a price.

She could never leave umbrae metto. She could still move about, but her body was restrained by a silver umbilicus that would keep her permanently tethered to the forest. While the silver forest sustained her weakened body, it also depended on her brain to grow and maintain its structure. The advantages of this arrangement were that she had limited control over the forest, and it provided her with abundant nourishment and protection, rendering her effectively immortal. The disadvantage was that without it she would die, and without her it would die.

In addition to formidable offensive capabilities, the silver forest is also able to act as a telepathic communication array, both receiving and transmitting thoughts on a intergalactic scale.