Polytoy is a concept in itself, the idea was that when the core first remade the earth the every atomic structure of everything was altered up a scale unit to make it more stable, the new polytoy particle was created essentially to replace the "atom" which had all sorts of stability issues. God only knows what polytoy actually is, all I know is that it is big compared to an "atom" and that it is not very excitable, also it can be linked to its brethren in an unlimited number of combinations the purpose being the emulation of familiar substances like water, air, stone, cell material, etc.

From polytoy the quantum machinery fabricated by the core created the essential building blocks of the new earth, which was named "neotoy" "neo" for new... duh. and toy for polytoy, being toy is the actual particle and "poly" meaning many. Kind of self explanatory really. Eventually I will have to get back to specific parts of this page to expand on what is still kind of dense and complex. you see, 99% of the story takes place at the moment of reformation, which is when the core enumerated the fate of neotoy and partitioned the energy into its pieces, the whole story just plays out from that moment and ends with the return to the instant of inception when something came from nothing.

It is a human tradition to name certain things as new when they are recreated in the image of something old. New York for instance, or New England, or to be really blunt Neo Tokyo. The dirt was re-engineered into something called "toy", perhaps a phonetic pronunciation of an acronym? More likely just a word that sprung into my mind from the abyss. It really makes no sense this next part, but I will attempt and explanation; dirt became toy, as if toy were then earth, then the new world would be named neotoy, as if this then meant the new earth.

Toy actually being a very special kind of energy particle beyond our current understanding; infinitely configurable to any specification. At a comparative scale approximately 122% that of normal molecular models. Meaning that any substance or material could be imitated, possessing approximately identical properties as the target element, but would require an additional 22% information in comparison to the original element of the same values. In order to be correctly synthesized 100 grams of gold would equate to exactly 122 grams of gold polytoy. Polytoy being any given number of toy energy particles.