Otters are privy to all the secrets of the water world, they are designed exclusively to hold eternal dominion over the aquatic element that permeates the planet, they are peerless in this regard. Otters routinely swim into areas of the city planet that are virtually inaccessible to all other denizens. Due to their symbiotic relationship with the planet's circulatory system there are many infrastructural elements designed specifically for otters to use and enjoy. These include submarine ports, passages, bays, docks, slides, and a multitude of other facilities. Not only are these elements most easily navigated by otters, they are also typically configured with controls that only otters can operate.

It is because of this that otters are one of the few civilizations living on neotoy that are treated with a degree of inherent reverence by other denizens: they are the only beings who can facilitate critical interactions with water that all denizens depend on. This native attribute is further magnified by the fact that otter culture is particularly disinterested in conventional affairs. Otters prefer to have fun and spend most of their time playing among themselves, and exploring the nearly limitless, uncharted depths of the city planet. Of course it does help that physically they are also designed to endure the profound pressures of the subaquatic realm, meaning that they are innately immune to normal physical injury.