Here is the basic idea; there is enough in this world for every person to live and live well. There is enough potential in the human species to rule the universe as we know it. Unfortunately people are selfish by nature which means that as a race we suffer because of our general indifference. Mankind may never mature to overcome this social idiosyncrasy, but as an individual I can make the personal choice to go against the natural order by sharing my work with the world, no strings attached.

I do not reserve any rights, nor do I acknowledge the authority of hypothetical rights ordained by any god or government. In legal context; neotoy is public domain (or more recently creative commons). In the event that claims of copyright are filed by any individual, corporation or entity concerning any aspect of neotoy I will not under any circumstances respect or respond to assertions of ownership or implied authenticity, nor will I actively claim ownership or rights in regard to the IP.