"neotoy" term origin

Where did the word "neotoy" come from? Well I wanted something that sounded Chinese because I thought that China was cool so I took the prefix "neo" which means "new" and the first three letters of Toyota and slapped them together. Actually I don't really remember exactly. Honestly it was a very, very long time ago, and although I seem to partially remember this being the case, maybe it just popped into my head?

Ironically, or at the very least idiotically, this possible origin of the term is based on two false assumptions, both clearly illustrating my erstwhile ignorance; at the time I was not quite as advanced as I am now, according to the official etymology the prefix "neo" is Ancient Greek in origin, from "neos" meaning "new, young". Very appropriate given my nascent mental capabilities at the inception of the neotoy continuum. Additionally, Toyota is of course a Japanese company, and would only sound Chinese to someone who had never studied the two cultures.

As an interesting side note, I found out recently that "neo" is also an abbreviation for "near-Earth object" (any asteroid, comet, or meteoroid whose orbit intersects that of the Earth and has the potential to collide with Earth).

basic origin of the neotoy concept

In a few sentences; I had this dream about the future, the world was made out of disintegrating cement and all the children were jumping off of broken overpasses to their deaths, the parents did not give a fuck, they were all at home video stoned, despair incarnate, the world was doomed, humanity was nearing extinction. I woke up and decided to write a hypothetical solution; it involved destroying the old world at an atomic level and building a new one that was much better. Machines would build this new world and it would be named NEOTOY!

What is neotoy about exactly? Originally neotoy was an outlet for my overactive imagination. A fantasy world where I could be god. Neotoy was also a social soap box from which I could spout my abstract philosophy. I don't like the way things are however neotoy is not my idea of utopia. Ultimately neotoy is a science-fantasy environment.

I write because I enjoy writing. Along those egocentric lines my ultimate desire for neotoy is that it develop into a computer generated vector graphic anime/wuxia style show. When neotoy was going through the first stages of advanced fabrication my 'vision' was for a computer generated (produced and directed by artificial intelligence) TV serial with a very alternative electronic soundtrack and highly stylized action sequences, yet something with depth and soul, a futuristic allegorical commentary of epic proportions. All made available as a free and [[opensource]] entertainment channel on a universal multimedia network.

A much more realistic executive summary came later. "What you will find here is a selection of disconnected literary fragments and static images that to the best of my ability attempt to illustrate the evolving concept I fondly refer to as neotoy." Neotoy has never been a fixed concept. Every aspect has gone through several evolutions. The soul of neotoy itself came from an amazing dream I had when I was 17.

In this dream I was wandering through a barren world of crumbling concrete and apathy. Children played suicide games by balancing on the low walls of massive monolithic structures until they slipped and fell to their deaths. Everything was in a state of perpetual deterioration as if even the very atoms were going to pieces. I caught a little girl by the arm just as she slipped off the edge of massive cement ramp. Her eyes were empty and her skin was cold. She said nothing and I was not even sure if she could speak. She did not seem to notice me and whenever I let go of her hand she went back to playing on the edge so I lifted her up onto my shoulders and carried her down to the sidewalk.

Slowly she became aware of her surroundings and told me the story of her dying world as we navigated the maze of deserted skyscrapers in search of her apartment. She spoke with such eloquence and intensity that I was having trouble keeping up with her. I slowly came to understand that a technological revolution had lead to radical advances in reality alteration, unfortunately there were side effects. The ecosystem began to deteriorate and was consequently replaced with synthetic systems. A combination of genetic manipulations and biological interfacing forced social and economic equilibrium. With stability and prosperity maintained under a single artificial intelligence the life began to drain out of the population and with it also the will to live. To her this was fact and unalterable, but for me it was fantasy.

I abandoned the search for her home and headed east, slowly the depressing ambient monotones of her world began to fade as we exceeded the city limit. Life started to seep into the scenery, color and light, animals and insects, green grass burst through the gray pavement and sprouting trees ruptured the cold surface of the deserted eighteen lane freeway we had taken. "What is this?" She asked. The freeway had become a small winding country road that looked down over a livid valley complete with shimmering lakes and flowering trees. "This is my world." I replied as I put her down by the guardrail. Her skin was warm and she smiled like a child. Then I woke up back in 1997 - this date is when neotoy became a "thing", before 1997 it was just a bunch of loose and like-minded ideas that had no unique personality or direction.