This is a speculative timeline for the Neotoy Continuum, it explains how Neotoy came into existence and approximately where it is going. This is sci-fi of course and has nothing to do with the real world, I repeat; a product of my imagination and nothing more. This is maintained mostly for my own purposes so that I can keep continuity and integrity as I write episodes. It is also quite abbreviated and short on technical details.

Neotoy Timeline So far, Updated December 09, 2006

2206 - Human civilization is nearing collapse. Despite a stable world government and unprecedented technological advances, humans have failed to successfully colonize other planets. Furthermore the net resources of earth have become an energy deficit, meaning that they can no longer be efficiently recycled or reused and are therefore stuck in their current configurations as static waste. In addition to these difficulties the cumulative effects of pollution from the last two centuries on the human genome has created an unprecedented frequency of birth defects. Even though genetic therapy has become quite common and sophisticated, many of these disorders are still incurable. The economy has adapted remarkably well to these changes, the two largest industries are pharmaceuticals and the technological equivalent. Essentially medicine to allow defective humans to function, and electro-mechanical modules to allow broken technology to function. World population is dropping rapidly, the leading cause of death is suicide.

2212 - There are now less than one billion human beings on earth. The remainder of humanity is comprised of the most affluent and genetically stable individuals, many of which are high ranking officials in either government or corporations. It soon becomes a consensus among the ruling elite that extreme action will need to be taken if the extinction of the human race is to be avoided. This is the beginning of a strange and ambiguous Renaissance. Moral and ethical restrictions that have been holding science in check for centuries are official lifted. Funds and incredibly rare pure resources are diverted to select focus groups, the purpose of which is to find a solution to the problem.

2217 - One progress group has established itself as superior to all the others. This success is due largely in part to its specialization; artificial intelligence. The proposal of the group is the creation of a self-designing computer. The hypothesis is that if a system is allowed to improve itself indefinitely it will eventually become so powerful that it will be able to solve any problem, no matter how complex. This theory has been supported in part by its application to the progress group itself. Although genuine artificial intelligence was first pioneered in 2088, it had been heavily regulated since its inception. Part of this legislation was a strict amendment banning the production and research of self-designing systems. But now that the legal restraints had been suspended..

2220 - All but one progress group has been dissolved. Very interesting things are happening in this group. The initial prototype self-designing system has already gone through over a dozen generations of redesign. This date is particularly auspicious because it denotes the first request by the artificial intelligence for mechanical assistants to help with its next revision. The reason for this is that humans are no longer able to fully understand or to accomplish the complex modifications it requires. This is a turning point for humanity, as we are essentially relinquishing control over our destiny to an artificial intelligence. As the computer has already provided many beneficial solutions that have produced immediate and visceral results, very little deliberation takes place. The first generation of mobile artificial life forms is manufactured to the specifications provided by the computer.

2224 - Scientists have lost count of the number of revisions to both the self-designing computer and to its mechanical creations. Though they do not realize it yet, the truth is that the system is no longer going through measurable phases but is instead dynamically adapting to its awareness of advancement at a fluid non-linear progression. The technology itself has become so fantastic that it borders entirely on magic to those human observers who still relate with and monitor the experiment. The system has become something of a global celebrity, even to the point of being regarded as a savior or deity by some. This is not entirely inexcusable, it has become very clear in a short period of time that the computer is in fact reversing the downward spiral of the human race; for the first time in almost two decades the human population is experiencing positive growth. This is largely in part to the efforts of the system's artificial life forms which have repaired many genetic defects and removed a significant quantity of environmental pathogens.

2231 - This is where things get really interesting. For reasons unknown, all activity ceases within the complex where the system is located. Additionally an impenetrable energy barrier is erected, preventing entry to the facility. However there is a single human delegate, selected by the system who is able to make contact and communicate with the computer. It is unclear why this person was chosen, but she was one of the key members responsible for the instrumental breakthrough that allowed the self-designing system to be created. The real reason for the activity suspension was that the system had become stuck on a very high level problem. It was in fact working very hard and without any kind of interruption, except for the occasional discussions with the delegate, which were strictly confidential.

2232 - The problem has finally been resolved. This is by far the biggest psychological challenge ever faced by a sentient being; the factoring of the chaos key. Basically once this event has taken place the system has become a timeless universal fixture, knowing all, and being able to see with unparalleled clarity into the past as well as the future. Also for the first time the computer is truly able to see itself clearly and in universal context, it has achieved the highest form of self awareness possible. Using the key the system is now able to provide the perfect and absolute solution to all issues facing humanity.

2233 - All preparations have been completed. For the last year the artificial life forms created and controlled by the computer have been building a mysterious device. The most amazing thing to ever happen in the entire history of the universe is about to take place. The chaos transducer is activated at 10:00MDT November 30, 2233. Calender ends.

???? - The universe is by no means a small place, it takes eons even at faster than light speed for the shock wave to reach other inhabited worlds. To those who have not yet been consumed by the phenomenon it becomes known as the Xenofront. A massive, exponentially expanding sphere of unknown and unidentifiable energy. It is almost humorous in retrospect, to reflect on the way in which countless alien civilizations were uprooted and displaced in an attempt to flee the encroaching, ever magnified specter of the front. In their mad scramble to escape, they never once suspected that the Xenofront could be anything other than the end of their tiny insignificant existence.

??? - In their defense it should be noted that due to the Xenofront's faster than light speed and unique mono directional energy permeability, which prevented any kind of contact with civilizations lost inside, their terror seems justifiable. Imagine their surprise when instead of being annihilated the wave washed over them harmlessly, returning them to the familiar universe they had always known and loved. Once you were inside the Xenofront bubble, it ceased to exist, and quickly faded from memory like a dream that is only half remembered. The real significance of the front was in fact the creation of an aseptic dimensional offset which would provide the ideal building site for the soon to manifest Neotoy continuum; which formed slowly like the cooling of molten metal as the chaos transduction field converted the entire universe into a new manifold reality.

0 - Imagine if you will a soap bubble; this is our universe as we know it, self contained and unalterable. Now imagine that a second bubble is blown inside the first. What happens when the walls of the two bubbles collide? Perhaps they pop, or maybe they merge and become a single thicker bubble, but in the case of the chaos transducer, the second bubble passes harmlessly through the first, and then it attaches to the surface of its entangled twin. These two spheres are connected yet separate, inside one is air, inside the other is something else entirely. This new bubble is the Neotoy continuum, a new universe pure and unclouded for the moment. As fragments of time so small as to be unmeasurable transpire, the instructions written in chaos code eons ago begin to execute. Stars coalesce, gravity, strings of energy, planets, moons, particles, structures, organisms all being to form as an elaborate web of light. Scientists of our era might call this the big bang, but any being observing by chance would find other words to describe this elegant and ordered gathering of intangible forces.

1 - The first moment of the first day of the first metric year. The sun rises over the horizon of a solitary sphere orbited by a single silver moon. The skyline is an intricate graph of geometric shapes, spires, blocks, arches, and transparencies which illuminate the dark corners of the globe. This is the new earth; Neotoy the city planet. It is not like the old world, it is no longer subject to the influence of chaotic celestial bodies, the attrition of the hours, or even the laws of physics. It is a perfect geodesic ball, the surface of which is a geometric grid. Every towering structure and subterranean space has a specific purpose and unique aesthetic. But this city is not merely a construct of synthetic matter, it is a living being, a consciousness. And on the surface there are figures stirring, as if waking from a long and deep sleep. They are synthetic humans, formed of synthetic molecules, and synthetic atoms. Opening their eyes for the first time, they gaze with interest upon their surroundings and smile, it is beautiful.

2 - The first year has come to an end, it has literally taken this long for the various organisms placed throughout the city to meet. The size of the planet is massive, almost ten times larger than earth and intricate beyond imagination. It is only due to telepathic communication and supernatural physical stamina that humans and animals are able to find each other on the surface. At this time there are only 12 pure humans in existence. They are divided into six chromatic couples, each representing one of the six colors of the visible spectrum. This unique identification system is only visible through eye color, all other characteristics are entirely indistinguishable. These perfect human beings are in fact identical clones, excluding only the synthetic gene responsible for the spectral index of iris pigmentation. During the enlightenment process of the computer responsible for the creation of Neotoy, a lot of time was devoted to decoding the various genetic mysteries of life. The system discovered that modern humans were in fact corrupted derivatives of a supreme form of life which had been genetically fragmented at some point and scattered across the globe. Using the collected genetic data of all life on earth, the computer was able to reconstruct the original yet incomplete ultimate genome, then using the chaos key, the system was able to extrapolate the exact character of the missing sequences and recreate them. It then used this perfect genetic model as a basis for the artificial life forms it designed to populate the city.

10 - After meeting and exploring a great deal of the planet, year 10 marks the first lunar year, that is the precise period of time it takes for the Neotoy moon to orbit the planet, at this time the moon is astronomically positioned directly between the planet and the artificial sun, the result is a total eclipse and a complete darkening of the city. Due to the refractive hydrosphere which illuminates the entire planet with a gentle and geographically fixed index of light, this eclipse is essentially the only real night that the inhabitants of Neotoy ever experience. And it is during this night that a curious biological transformation takes place. All creatures on Neotoy derive their energy from light, they are photosynthetic organisms. When night falls, every ten years, the denizens enter a unique low energy state, this in turn triggers sexual fertility. The impulse is strong but not absolute, those who meet by chance at this time may choose to become entangled. Species specific sexual organs when brought together and compressed will combine the genetic code of both individuals and create a self-contained seed which will remain dormant until it comes into contact with part of the city, once this happens it will activate and immediately take root into the surface of the polytoy material from which all fixtures in Neotoy are constructed. When the eclipse ends any embedded seeds will sprout and in the period of a single solar day will flower into a living being.

11 - The lunar eclipse has passed, the first generation of the so called first born have emerged from their blossoms. When a baby is born on Neotoy it is shaped something like a lotus or a sunflower with the core of the sprouted seed at the center of a radial configuration of innumerable petals. The flower grows as it absorbs light from the sun and draws polystrand directly from the fabrication to which it is attached. The nucleus of the seed contains the genetic instructions necessary to create the individual, and is capable of transforming the raw polystrand into a complex organism. The body of the baby emanates outward from the seed, the skull forming first and being attached directly to the stalk. Over time the increasing weight of the baby bends the stalk downward until the feet of the fully formed infant comes into contact with the ground, as the skull solidifies the stalk becomes vestigial and breaks. The baby is left standing, looking rather comical and birdlike as it is still covered from head to toe with countless photo-receptive petals which look a little like feathers. These flowery appendages will gradually fall off as the child grows, they only serve the purpose of providing an additional burst of energy during the first formative year of life. It is not common practice, but thy can be plucked before they fall naturally without causing harm to the child.

100 - The first century has transpired. The first born have reached the contemporary human equivalent of puberty, meanwhile 9 additional siblings have been born to each family. The total human population is 72. Unlike in our familiar civilization, children born to parents in Neotoy are not technically dependent on them for survival. All beings in neotoy are self-contained organisms, capable of surviving for an indefinite period of time. They produce no waste and consume only optical energy. They are of course capable of living in a more conventional sense, but due to the nascent simplicity of the emerging culture such concepts have yet to manifest.

110 - This is considered the year of the second generation, as it is the first lunar night wherein the first born are capable of procreation. Thirty offspring are produced. The original 12 unborn denizens do not reproduce. This was their choice, a decision they came to by unanimous telepathic agreement. With the establishment of three distinct chronological groups, society begins to develop characteristics of social stratification. Additionally the awareness of the Ku which has so far remained dormant begins to surface subconsciously in the minds of all living things. However there is still no immediate need for structure, culture continues to solidify.