Content was first posted to in 1999 (neotoy as a continuum however was first drafted in 1997, and was down on paper but not yet on the internet).

Dozens of random, unrelated iterations later (iterations of index.html to be specific) ... I would basically just screw around with html and photoshop; design experiments, superfluous copy, the usual kind of bullshit you will find on the internet. I like tripod, and having a website is pretty fun, in short, I've abused the internet and wasted countless hours doing what can only be described as artistic masturbation.

So that is the basic history of neotoy.tripod yay! but just to be fair, not everything I've created has been mediocre. occasionally I make something really cool; the signal to noise ratio however falls unfortunately short of fantastic. neotoy has been different things at different times, but overall I say it's a kind of therapy. It reminds me of a Tibetan sand mandala, that is if the Tibetan monks responsible for its formation were on a combination of really powerful consciousness altering chemicals. So, there you have it, neotoy.tripod in a nutshell!