This is my personal project, my life's work, the design of a perfect world. Most of which, at this point in time, only exists in my mind, or in a plethora of totally disorganized fragments on paper and in digital files. Its always been my belief that with design you cannot ignore any variables. For design to truly be an art, it becomes necessary to take into account the entirety of everything involved. Often in the modern world and throughout history, the creations of human beings are and were considered to be discrete, but this has never been, nor will ever be the case.

Anything that is created, no matter how small or apparently inconsequential has an impact on the world and the lives of every person, for as long as humanity persists. This is why it is so important to consider the consequences, ethics, and psychology behind each and every design. Now I fully understand that there are rational limits, obviously it is impossible to see every possibility, but that is not the point, the point is to actively and consciously attempt to see as much as we can given the technology that is available. In a word, sincerity. The sincere pursuit of the best possibility. Without sincerity there is waste, there is illness, there is conflict.

Some people may enjoy living in a world where suffering and lies are a necessary evil, I'm no stranger to the selfish thrill that the chaotic complexity that life has to offer, I am human after all. But that isn't my dream, when I look out, I can envision a better world, a more thrilling, less chaotic experience, a world free of all the horrible things that degrade and poison. And I would challenge anyone with the simple question; if you had the option, honestly, what kind of a world would you want to live in?

I can only answer for myself, and I state, that I have no attachment to the way things are or have been, there is nothing in this world that I couldn't let go of if given the prospect of a better place. There is no idea so large or so sacred that it couldn't be replaced by one that is better. In fact I believe that ideas themselves are never absolute, they are like the rings of a tree, they merely exist so that we can build better worlds on top of them. That is the true meaning of progress and of growth.

What happens in any society is that people become both codependent and obsessed with preexisting ideas. They become part of a random culture. It may be unavoidable, but it is not ideal. Random culture is like a prison sentence, a context and a confinement from within many of our essential human characteristics are repressed and exploited in negative ways. There are of course just as many advantages of living in a prison, a certain level of security and routine, social structure.

These are all sacrifices that humans make in order to increase their chances of survival. In a better world, a world designed with the human spirit in mind, there would be no need to compromise. All of the benefits of random culture with none of the limitations of a conventional society. Such a possibility does exist, I would even go so far as to say that the reason we exist is to make it a reality. Any human, no matter what social status or physical condition exists because of their will to live. My opinion is that if we choose to live then we have also chosen the responsibility of making the best possible life for ourselves and others.

It does not seem to be a very easy concept for most people to grasp, but when I include 'others' in this initial qualification, I do so because there is no way to have a good life while simultaneously ignoring the lives of others. The general consensus seems to be that individual lives are not actually connected, and that being selfish is the best way to survive and be successful. The fact is that you are someone else's 'other', so when discussing the quality of life, there is really no point of separation between self and other; they are the same person, it is simply a matter of perspective.

Equality is the first step towards understanding these basic principles. Realizing and accepting that boundaries are mental and chosen, like the borders that separate countries. We've made them up, they don't actually exist. What human genuinely desires suffering, living a miserable impoverished life? Who among you could honestly look down on such a person and sanely believe that someone less fortunate than yourself takes pleasure in their condition. That kind of reasoning is what people use to shield themselves from guilt.

The truth is that in this world we have intentionally left open the possibility of circumstances that create such situations. And in this, we all share the guilt and responsibility equally. The feeling of shame that many people actively deny exists in our being to motivate us to do something to prevent these situations from ever happening. Although for practical purposes it has become acceptable to pretend that they are isolated aberrations that should not technically exist. Or at best, naturally occurring casualties of an overly complex society.

A better world, is a place where genuine equality does exist, not just on paper or in our minds but physically in our flesh and blood. A full spectrum society wherein aberrations are included in the functionality of the design so that they cease to be aberrations and become just another part of the progressive whole. The difference between shit and genius is the ability to comprehend the true nature of apparent mistakes, and then elegantly using them to your advantage, working them back into the fabric of the material, seamlessly integrating them into the design so that they become fully functional. That is sincerity, taking the time and energy it requires to understand why things are the way they are and then working on a way to make them better.

How many people are devoted to that kind of life, how many have the luxury of time and energy to pursue such a life, and then out of those with the potential, how many will make the choice to live such a life? Surprisingly few it seems, perhaps it has something to do with all the blood and guts its taken just to get to this point, or the resultant random culture that survives in a parasitic fashion. Personally I don't really care about all that, this is my life, and I'll live it the way I want, regardless of circumstances and culture. Accepting certain unanswerable questions, these are my works, I give them to you and ask for nothing in return.