The theoretical good and evil of neotoy. The theory is this, that those who perform unspeakable acts of evil, and yet are not motivated by exclusive malice are the product of a disillusioned consciousness, led astray by the pure intent and freedom of actions possible in neotoy. This is to say, they believe in what they do, they do not see themselves as evil but as radiant beacons of perceived internal truths. This makes them far more dangerous and influential than the simple and readable people of former earth who acted on their own selfish and destructive impulse, and were evil by definition.

For instance a white student may kill, and if they do it is because they believe, as do their diametric component black, that it is a righteous and necessary action for the betterment of all students and denizens alike. Let it be observed that such murderous acts are done as are all, in an honorable and logistically visible fashion. This is critical in understanding the rational for such acts, and to perceive them as an audience as being affinitive acts of love coming from the origin of the spirit. The point being to point out that real evil is not evil, nor is it clearly expressed as it is in pop culture, evil is subtle and ultimately indistinguishable from good, more so good is evil and vice versa.

In this respect will be illustrated the reality that only neutral or non extremist elements of neotopian society are truly rational and without blame, because they are undecided, they are essentially the true pacifists, they do not wish to align themselves with any power or ideology, they simply wish to observe and learn in order that they may eventually understand themselves and their surroundings. In this way it will be exemplified that they represent a superior modality of the life process as they continue to persist and succeed where all others fail.

Even when it is obvious the others will sacrifice themselves for their separate causes, this is also key, in understanding the value and importance of individuality in a culture of virtual similarity. The honorable life is one where ideals are met with an equal level of integrity and respect, regardless of the outcome or external perception of the mass population. This will also reveal that integral quality of each person that is their predetermined path, always present but never predictable. That is to say, through consistency of action there is no need to predict, it becomes clear right away how any given character will respond to a unique situation.

"Am I not the leader, yet there are no leaders, here we are all equal; we fight to eliminate the idea contained within our enemy, a creeping contamination spreading from soul to soul, threatening our very existence, a possession of apathy, they desire to take no action of any kind, to merely exist without conflict, and in doing so they create a stagnation, a death of the spirit incapable of feeling. Unlike the white school, these dissidents cannot accept our desire to experience the fullness of emotion, our rage, our hate, the thrill of fighting and the new life born out of destruction; the animating energy that enables the continued beating of our hearts, they would consume it, draw it out of us, sap our very strength, until we become just like them, weak, hopeless and void. Without meaning my brothers and sisters, that is what they have become, they have surrendered to darkness and to fear, we must purge them of this disease, we must illuminate where they desecrate."