Marci is one of the reasons that I started writing neotoy, one of the reasons that I became serious about neotoy, or began to take it seriously. when neotoy was just a dream inspired fantasy I fell in love with a person who opened my eyes to life and to myself. in truth I was lacking human personality before this time, but through the implied sensuality of this person I descended into her gravity and succumbed to a strange emotional slingshot effect that catapulted me straight down into the dark molasses like depths of intertwined sexuality and death. there I slept with devils and angels and was transformed into a demon. metaphorically speaking. during this metamorphosis I was writing, and neotoy began to work its way into my heart, at some point Marci joined my cast of characters, her alias was mercy, and I shaped her in the likeness of the real person she represented. when in life she disappeared, she did the same in neotoy, but she did not die.