Circa 2003, posted to notes: "I've always had this fantasy of doing a neotoy manga. I can't say that I think neotoy is ultimately suited for graphic novel format, but at the same time it probably couldn't hurt. But I'm not serious, I don't have the time or the energy to do an entire manga by myself."

In July 2006 I started working on a few frames, just to see what it might be like, and if I could realistically produce a reasonable number of frames per month. The result was fairly mediocre, at the time I felt that I lacked both the focus and tools necessary to draft anything worthwhile.

In July 2007 I started a second attempt, this time utilizing Adobe Illustrator, which by that time had become my graphical 'weapon of choice'. The style was consequently entirely different than before; I quickly realized that it was simply too labor intensive to produce a manga exclusively with vector art, therefore I decided to do a series of symbolic illustrations rather than a recognizable narrative.

Coincidentally, once again in July (2010) I launched my third attempt at something vaguely resembling a "manga", by this time I was well versed in the real-world classics of the format; Berserk, Battle Angel Alita, Claymore, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and many others far less notable.

Clearly I still have a long way to go before my skill set as an artist is competent enough to achieve the level of quality I'm aiming for. That being said I think I've also come a long way in terms of overall technique and story-telling ability; although the most important factor there is that the story itself has actually evolved to the point where I could theoretically tell at least one arc. It's impossible to say whether or not I will be adding any more frames in the future, but I do intend to keep this page relatively up-to-date.