The library is one of the three integral components of the city, it is also probably the most important of the three. Unlike in a conventional city Neotoy only has one library, it is known as the "universal library" which is a popular concept discussed in conventional culture and science fiction. In order for a library to qualify as "universal" it must fulfill two qualifications, first is must "contain all existing information" and second "only one copy of each piece of unique information". In neotoy this is accomplished by having the information coded directly into the infrastructure; in other words the library itself is the information it contains. It is organized in such a way that information cannot be duplicated because its location in the library is determined by its content, therefore a copy would have to occupy the same space.

One aspect of the neotoy universal library are the temporary records. These are centrally located hubs that can be configured to cross-reference information. Essentially they are like giant combination locks that can be reconfigured to dynamically generate multiple sections of any information contained in the library, when not in use the temporary records revert to a neutral state.