The main characters of my drama are of relative and equilateral importance. On a more dramatic scale delta (the changer) is of particular significance, likewise his son infinity. Both of these characters are male and in some respects are warped projections or representations of myself. In addition, on the female side of the spectrum mercy and pearl are two very important characters, this however is by no means an attempt at sexual remuneration. The fact of the matter is, both mercy and pearl play supportive, convenient roles assigned to them according to the destiny of delta and infinity. though they act independently, both are catalytic characters, who's influence does not extend beyond their intimate relationships.

That is to say, they are not effectively ambitious. I make this point because I wish to outline an inadequacy, not to propagate, but to subvert the clandestine model. Young women I cannot really begin to understand, but I approximate their condition to be that of colonial Africans, they are convinced that they are slaves, servitude has become their way of life because it offers certain benefits and securities that perceived liberation cannot accommodate. It's not what they want, but it is livable. I'm not going to advocate feminism, because I do not see such a model as livable, or healthy, what I will advocate are the fundamental attributes and opportunities of human beings.

We have no god given rights but what we establish for ourselves, this is a revolutionary social model, but it is by no means unlivable. In this context there can be no predetermined master, slave or neutrality. Such a position is a choice that each individual must make independently. under no circumstance are pack and/or tribal mentalities to interfere or force a determination. the pack/tribe is not an entity and as such has no right to determine the fate or rights of the individual.

I realized long ago that this model is a form of idealism and cannot function in our world. So instead of attempting to create an inferior model to fit the inferior world, I decided that the appropriate course of action was to scrap this world and build a new one based on an idealized infrastructure that would enforce its own principles through a mode far more intrinsic. Unfortunately this is where I encountered terminal flaw number three; target organism. You see there are three magic ingredients that create an irreparable social environment: inferior ants, inferior anthill, inferior dirt. Obviously the only viable solution would be to fix all three simultaneously as they are each interdependent. So: re-engineer the ant, re-engineer the hill and last but not least, re-engineer the dirt. Quite literally from the ground up.