You can tell how old someone is by how well they lie. However, the infinite and the ageless never lie, not because they choose, but because the life of an infinite makes it impossible. The ability and desire to lie derives from the ego, ascending to the state of an infinite requires the total suppression of the ego, therefore both the ability and desire to lie is removed. With the veil of the ego removed the mind's eye is able to see clearly the chaotic nature of the universe, but it does not recognize this consciously. Only through intuition, the conscious connection to the subconscious, is the mind able to visualize the non-linear reality in which it has been encased.

Many who desire to become infinite do so because they are attracted to power, or because they want to be powerful; they perceive incorrectly the nature of the infinite, it is the exact opposite, power is force, but the infinite is total lack of force. A magnetic train riding on a track is capable of achieving supernatural grace and speed, if one were to observe the train without being able to see the track they would assume that it possessed incomprehensible power, but that is not so, it contains nothing, furthermore it cannot deviate from its course, simply by following a track the illusion of power is created.

By becoming clear an infinite is able to perceive and become the track. Once this has taken place connectivity becomes obvious, each independent train and station is subconsciously visible. Through intuition an infinite is able to execute supernatural acts of strength and focus by following tracks. Once the choice is made control is sacrificed for as long as the ego is suppressed, the path is certain but diversity is infinite. By temporarily ceasing to exist an infinite gains insight into the future.