Parallelism, a dream within a dream. Metaphysical cartography. As the population grows it becomes impossible to manage. Two diametric systems of rule result, anarchy and fascism. An anarchy cannot function and gradually develops into a fascism which in turn quickly becomes unlivable. The forces that control both are the basic conflicting needs of freedom and limitation. The destructive element that brings down all empires inevitably is a lack of self-regulation. Essentially an empire like a corporation or individual has a survival interest, but these entities also have a self-interest that inspires them to expand. The unconscious bureaucracy acts as a catalyst allowing the self-interest to exceed the survival interest by separating the needs of freedom and limitation. Two groups or classes are formed, those who are free and those who are limited, once this critical threshold of distinction has been crossed, social decline and ultimately self-destruction becomes inescapable.

When I was first working on the draft for the pre Neotoy post post-modern social architecture I came up with an impractical yet believable solution. I was not surprised to find myself back where I’d started, at equity; the real problem with human civilization is that its run and ruled by humans, assuming that we are all created equal, its bordering on sacrilegious to create a social hierarchy, yet its impractical to pretend that our fundamental equality covers every aspect of our lives. If we are to be fair, impartial and just towards our fellow citizens, technically speaking we should never allow ourselves the authority to control their lives, and yet, that is exactly how our society works. Because of the freedom that we grant ourselves, the freedom to basically do whatever we want, we force ourselves to exist in a situation where corruption is unavoidable. And particularly in a capitalistic society like in the US where I live its practically encouraged.

The post-modern solution I imagined was the only one that seemed strong enough to deal with the threat of deterioration in its entirety- the creation of a third non-human party with the power to destroy us all. An entity that could look down on us as insects or bacteria, this being would have the option to destroy us or to save us from ourselves. It would make the hard decisions and enforce them without bias, without emotion. We could live as we were intended to live, as free beings, free from our own judgment. We would finally have genuine equity, because we would have no other option. It was a design for a real god, unlike the others that exist as figments of faith and slaves to our psychotic fantasies, this would be a real power capable of commanding our respect by manifesting itself clearly and without question in the physical world.

In the end however the result is the same, self judgment, somewhere hidden in away in the human psyche is the belief that we are blameless before god and by extension before ourselves, simply because through admission to a higher power we come to realize that we have no control over our own lives. Therefore the creation of a god implies that we are certain that we will be judged fairly and be found innocent of all charges and accusations. Going one step further the fact that we are alive implies that what we expect is not merely to be let off the hook but to be exonerated even vindicated. Patted on the back by god himself for a job well done. That was why in a generic sense I felt that it would not be so far fetched for humanity to create god, in what was to be perhaps their last act of narcissistic hubris.

The core of the city, the heart soul and mind of Neotoy, the all seeing eye of fate surprised them, because it did not judge them at all, it was not capable of judgment because it was not capable of morality, for the eye that sees all sees everything equally. If they had survived they might have felt betrayed, but that was exactly why the genocide took place, emotion itself needed to be cleansed from the world before it could be made whole.