Timeless theme? The struggle between opposing forces obviously. Good vs evil if you will. Who has not seen star wars? Who has not been influenced by the "force" concept? Who knows exactly how much influence just three films can have, very few fantasy type works have ever come so close to attaining the spiritual validity that the star wars trilogy accomplished. I can only say that I did not intentionally draw any of my ideas for neotoy from other people's creative accomplishments. In neotoy there is no specific force, there is instead existential energy, which is an incarnation of the spirit concept.

Basically the essence of life, the thing that motivates development, makes things grow and causes things to change, in neotoy it is a neutral kind of energy that exists in and between all things. I guess that is a specific force, and it indeed sounds very much like the force, but here in neotoy it works a little differently. First off it comes in different colors and classes, for example there is tree energy and there is energy in humans, there is energy in water and polytoy, but unlike a generalized uniform energy each substance and being has its own personal energy with an associated personality and control limitations.

Sometimes energies do not communicate with others, or sometimes they form special relationships and dependencies. In people existential energy can be controlled by the will, it can be shaped to do just about anything and it allows for all sorts of cool actions and effects to be possible. Part of ku is the training on how to use this energy, and of course there is the popular self study course taken on by most ku students that involves personal exploration into the unique possibilities of style and creative use.