Neotoy's ecosystem could best be classified as an engineered ecosystem, obviously it is an artificial one due to the fact that there is nothing that could be considered "naturally occurring" in the entire universe. Therefore every element and aspect of the design has to be engineered in such a way that it circulates throughout the solar system and is continually utilized in one capacity and then transformed into another form that can be utilized by another capacity; eventually making a complete circuit, returning it its original location and original form. The energy required to power this perpetual cycle of transformation comes from the artificial sun.

In addition to these dynamic elements, there are also static elements that behave in an entirely different way. These substances are designed to exist outside the karmic circle as permanent "fixtures" that never break down or wear out. Many of these elements behave in a catalytic way, with their primary purpose being to facilitate and expedite the transformation of the dynamic elements.

The third layer of complexity is a kind of data driven "muscle memory" that persists because of the core. If any of the fixtures are damaged the core will dispatch frame to restore them to their original configuration. This is kind of a safety measure that ensures overall integrity of the ecosystem.