All I have are these damn flashes; the politico between the grays the blacks and the whites; pacifism vs. aggression and the mediation of the grays who are dynamic and undecided and perhaps superior to both extremist parties. And then Delta, the creation of a truly complex character, how to portray isolation and individuality in a world of sameness without turning him into an alien? He is like they grays a bridge between two extreme worlds, the people and the city, the city which has its own unique politics and codes.

Delta is a profound duality both the passive observer and the avatar of the core, he has as split personality one side of him is the stranger, his own self, his own will and ideals, the other half is the manifestation of the core which has its own personality and desires, sometimes these two "people" overlap, that is to say they want the same thing, but sometimes the exact opposite is true, and Delta can do nothing, he is a creation of the core, he can't defy it without destroying himself. Yes he is the perfect representation of the city, and he knows it, he looks out and says to them, the denizens and the students, "I am more like you than you are yourselves." But things are not that simple, the core is also a complex character, possessing the power and wisdom of a god, but also allowing the potential of uncertainty within itself, but only if the will of the changer (Delta) is strong enough to desire it.

That is their illusion, on the most critical level they are equals; Delta represents the will of the people, and the core represents the will of god- but they both have the same power, the potential to effect and influence each other, to even destroy one another. That is the purpose of the [[chromachron]] it is the lock that opens the door to the core. The 8 (the six colors, the 1 transparent, the self, and the last the core, the argument) guardians are the tumblers, the challenges, if each is overcome the door will be opened, and then Delta will be able to confront the core and make his choice; will he shut it down, or will he coexist, or maybe there is a middle road? I already know the answer of course.

Delta was not born but created by direct fabrication during the creation of neotoy. Originally delta was created by the core to contain a shadow copy of the [[Chaos key]], that being a crystallized ball of existential energy equal to the sum of all the existential energy used in the fabrication of neotoy (the balance). What this means is that the core did not use all the energy available when neotoy was created- the energy that was left over was distilled down (compressed) and then crystallized into a very specific configuration that could perform several functions. The main function being the ability to contain a copy of the [[Chaos key]].

The catch was that this energy was very easily reactivated and uncompressed if left on its own, so in order to make sure that the energy did not redistribute, the core constructed [[manticorn]] Delta- who according to his quantum geometry was destined to face all the other manticorns in combat in order to take the other chromatic keys and activate the [[Chromachron]]. Delta's eyes are unique, they are clear rather than chromatic, this is a reflection of the key he carries in his body.

Delta has no soul, what he does have is the resource of the osmotic proximity relationship with a source of vast energy and information, which is far more than enough to allow for the basic social interactions that provide the illusion of a soul. Then again, who is to say that there is any difference between the natural integration of body and spirit as opposed to the core's alternate arrangement present in manticorn delta? Because delta was fabricated he never had the chance to go to a ku school or to become infinite. He was created to appear 100 cycles in age which is something similar to 30 years which would appear to be about 20 taking everything into consideration.

Delta was created with all the skills required to be infinite at inception, because of the amount of energy contained in the sphere, delta has an energy potential equal to the reciprocal balance of all energy present in neotoy. which means that he cannot be defeated, even if the entire city attempted to destroy him- there would instead be an impasse in which case the two energies would be unable to contend, either canceling each other out or merging into one. So those are the basics of delta. Considering the scope of his consciousness (a generic brain) paired with a life that will only end with the reintroduction of his energy- a process only possible through the unification of all of neotoy; his life is far from average.

Ages have come and gone under his eyes and his memory capacity has been overwritten more times than can be counted (though it is all retained through reverse-osmosis inside the sphere) he has forgotten many lives and has yet to experience the future. A future constantly obscured by the traces of the past left on the sphere- relationships that have ended because he was incapable of ending have left permanent scares upon his psyche. He is simple and tortured, content and complex, a surface paper thin and easily scratched, but no matter how deep the knife cuts it will never touch his center.