All this will be right off the top of my head with no organization what-so-ever. First of all the god damn logo, what does it mean and how did I come up with it? Description: two circles, one inside the other, a line down the middle dividing both circles in two equal parts. Coloring is as follows: the center circle has two sides one is black the other is white, these colors change but are NEVER the same exact value, the idea being that they represent two different kinds of energy (male/female, dominant/recessive, white/black, +/- etc).

The outer circle is the same color situation only the sides are reversed. The over-all effect is that you have one big circle with a smaller circle in the middle, one line down the center to divide the negative and positive space. it looks on one side like a black sun with a white rainbow over it and on the other like a white sun with a black rainbow over it.

Proportions are as follows: the inner circle is exactly half the length of the bigger circle- as in two circles the size of the center circle would fit in the center of the big circle. likewise four of the small circles fit exactly in the bigger circle with no way to move around because their edges are all touching. Now that was a bit much, but the reason I have gone into this in such detail is because the neotoy symbol plays a big role in neotoy culture, ku, and just about every part of neotoy society.

This type of consistent theme I will give special priority to in describing so that there is no room left for misinterpretation. The neotoy circles are used for teaching ku (ku being in this instance the martial art) in ku context the circle works like this: two opponents enter the circle, each takes a rainbow, at this point they have symbolically taken sides and aligned themselves with a specific orientation, but each is in his/her element so there is no conflict. A fight begins when one or both opponents step out of the security of their rainbow onto the smaller half circle which is the color of the other side of the big circle- this is taken as a challenge. The overall objective is to force your opponent outside both circles, onto the unmarked ground with the secondary objective being to protect your color, kind of like a cross between king of the hill and a two square chess board.

Origin of the neotoy symbol. When I was about 17 I had come up with this plan to start a graphic design business called continuum graphics, and I designed a logo for it- that was the neotoy pictograph. I did not pursue the graphic design business because of philosophical reasons. I did not want support the bullshit or cannibalism that is for the most part what the commercial design industry has become. the idea of working for soulless corporations or for greedy individuals makes me sick. For most of the world population life is not a self serving playground of masturbatory delights as it is for most Americans. If this does not change bad things are going to happen. How we intend to go about this "change" I have no idea.