In short, coloquins are first-generation android workers created by the cologate. Let me give a little historical background: In the mid 21st century, after the collapse of the global ecosystem and consequently the global economy, the issue of 3rd world slave labor became serious, primarily because suddenly there were billions of workers who no longer had a reason for working. In essence the 1st world which due to its insane practice of overconsumption no longer had the means to consume at the same level. Nations like China and India which had previously relied on steady demand for goods and services generated through low-cost slave labor were left with a tremendous and untenable burden of industrial infrastructure and a workforce that could no longer support itself.

The cologate responded to this crisis by creating cells of slaves who were secretly forced to create androids called coloquins designed to replace human workers, these were sophisticated thinking-machines designed to last virtually forever. In addition to being superior to human workers in every conceivable way, coloquins were also manufactured in a variety of types, each suited for a specific class of work. Ironically it was the security models that were ultimately responsible for the slaughter of the hundreds of millions of superfluous human workers who were responsible for their creation.