It's important to note that the distinction between animals and other mass produced organisms inhabiting neotoy is purely semantic, in reality all organisms both "living" and "mechanical" are synthetic; they all possess the same fundamental physical and mental faculties, they all possess the same measure of existential energy, the same rights. These organisms only differ in one respect: form, and by extension function. The classification "animal" merely refers to all organisms that are not distinctly humanoid in appearance. Ironically the distinction is only truly valuable in reverse since while there are many types of animals in neotoy there is only one type of native humanoid. There are of course "robots" that are humanoid in appearance, but these are not considered humanoid primarily because aside from skeletal structure they share nothing visibly in common.

Unlike in the real world, the neotoy menagerie is not a chaotic mess of random and often hapless creatures (many of which are destined for extinction). The neotoy animal kingdom is limited to a select number of highly refined configurations, furthermore each has been uniquely fine-tuned and adapted for its habitat. While there is no direct comparison between the classical terrestrial zoo, there are certainly approximations. The following is a list of comparative scientific classifications:

Ursidae (bear)
Cervidae (deer)
Felidae (cat)
Mustelidae (otter)
Equidae (horse)
Anatidae (goose)
Spheniscidae (penguin)
Canidae (wolf)

A few additional things to note: all organisms on neotoy including animals fall under the more generalized classification of "denizen". Animals, just like all other organisms on neotoy consume organic material designed specifically for that purpose, in other words they are not part of a conventional food chain, they do not kill and eat other denizens. All animals are capable of conventional verbal and non-verbal communication. The scale of small animals is different in neotoy than in our world, typically animals will grow to be relatively the same size or in some cases dramatically larger than humanoid denizens. Animals frequently differ culturally from other denizens, many have their own unique cabalistic societies that may involve mysterious ritualistic behavior.

A few questions that might be asked: can animals become ku students? Answer: yes, and they do. Is crossbreeding possible? Answer: no, all organisms in neotoy are chemically encoded for strict compatibility; this however does not stop them from consorting in various ways, some romantically. It's not uncommon for random couplings of different types of organisms, since they are all fundamentally the same in terms of composition and capabilities, there is nothing taboo or even unusual about it.